KVKHANPUR/2018-19/                                                                                                                                                                    DATED    01-04-2018
As per instructions contained in KVS(HQ) New Delhi letter No. 110240/06/2009/KVS(HQ)/Budget dated 28-22-2016 and revised norms of 
expenditure  & delegation of powers, proposed expenditure budget under different heads of VVN account for the year 2018-19 is put up for 
approval please        
S.No. Head  2018-19  
Ceiling fixed by KVS Total amount Amount proposed to be spent Remarks
1 Engagement of contractual teachers against leave vacancies, payment to instructors/art and craft/coaches/Spoken English Teachers Actual Actual Actual  
2 Petty construction work concerning the school viz toilets, sewerage tank, overhead tank, stage/activity room etc.  400000 400000 0 Deposit work though Govt Agency
3A Repairs and maintenance of :        
  A) School building its toilets, septic tank and overhead tanks including playgrounds and campus (Once in two years).                                                                 School Building                                                     1) Whitewash/enamel paint/oil bound (internal & external)                                    2) Electrical work : Electrical installations including services                                         3) Civil works: Repairs of floors, plastering of walls, minor roof seepage rapair, replacement of doors and windows, black boards, cleaning of sewer lines, installation of damaged water supply and sanitary fixtures, minor seepage in toilets etc.                                             Upto 03 Section 620000 620000 75000  
3(B). Repair and Maintenance of classroom furniture and fixtures upto 03 Section School 40000 40000 5000 New furniture under warranty
3(C) Repair and maintenance of Lab Equipment 50000 50000 0 Vidyalaya is upto VI class
3(D). Repair of PA system & System instruments. 30000 30000 10000  
3(E). House keeping/Conservancy services  per shift 500000 500000 160000 Includes salary of sweepers for the year 2018-19
4 Purchase of classroom furniture and fixtures, library furniture, fire safety equipments, fire extinguishers etc. 300000 300000 100000  
5 Purchase of lab equipment/consumable and also upkeep of laboratories 250000 250000 0 Vidyalaya is upto class VI
6 Purchase of audio visual aids and musical instruments, CCTV and Musical Instruments 100000 100000 50000  
7 A) Purchase of sports goods & kits, prizes to winner in school sports and inter class or inter house matches: Play swings, children park, entry fee of the school teams for tournaments, photography and providing refreshment etc.                                                                                                                                                               250000 250000 50000 0
B) TA/DA of students Actual Actual Actual  
8 a) Pupil Societies, Annual Function, Other School Function (e.g. Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers Day etc)                                                                  b) Students Welfare activities (BS&G activities etc) 200000 200000 75000 0
B) Students Welfare activities (BS&G acttivities) 100000 100000 100000  
9 School Excursion/Adventure Activities 150000 150000 50000  
10 Conduct of Examination (Question papers, answer sheets and other related printing work etc 450000 450000 75000 0
11 Incidental expenses connected with visits to the school by dignitaries like Hon'ble Ministers, Parliamentary Committee, Visit of eminent personalities etc. 50000 50000 20000  
12 Beautification and Horticulture development of the school campus including tree plantation                       More than 05 acres  200000 200000 150000  
13 Development of facilities for library such as purchase of books, Newspaper and periodicals, brouchers, other reports, educational technology aids (CDs, teaching learning packages etc) and printing ot magazines, students diary, news letters etc  250000 250000 75000 Vidyalaya is upto class VI
14 Procurement, maintenance and Development of Computers and computers related technologies, hardware as well as softwares including broadband connectivity of internet for students/teachers and Principal interactive white boards and similar technologies aids which can be very useful for enhancing of effectiveness  of teaching learning process for the students. Payment to computer instructor, AMC of computers, Stationary, messaging services Limited to actual collection of computer fund Limited to actual collection of computer fund Limited to actual collection of computer fund  
15 Provision of Medical facilities of emergent nature during school; hours.   0    
  a)    For medical facilities of emergent nature during school hours 30000 30000 30000  
  b)    For two Medical checkups per child.  Rs.60/- per annum Rs.60/- per annum 15000  
  c) Hiring of Doctors/Nurse As per KVS guidelines As per KVS guidelines As per KVS guidelines  
16 Security of school :Expenditure on outsourcing agencies.  600000 600000 600000  
17 Misc Office expenses   0    
a)Tax and other such payments Actual Actual Actual  
b) Electricity & water charges Actual Actual Actual  
c) Advertisement/Publicity charges Actual Actual Actual As per DAVP rates
D) Postage/Office Stationery/Tonner, Cartridges for office use/operative charges for running generator set, bank commission, conveyance etc. 100000 100000 100000  
18 Misc Printing as per direction of KVS   0    
a)Study Material Actual Actual Actual  
b) Split up of syllabus Actual Actual Actual  
19 Other Fixed Assets : (Air Conditioners, Generator Sets, Water Treatment Plant, Medical Equiupments and other Assets not covered in any category) 400000 400000 200000 One time purchase maintenance and repair of item
20 KVS VVN Deposit Account 25% Actual Actual Actual  
21 RTE On actual basis On actual basis On actual basis  
22 NCC On actual basis On actual basis On actual basis  
                                                       TOTAL      1940000  
1 Opening balance as on 01-04-2018     15874  
2 Apprx VVN collection during 2018-19        
  225*500*12     1350000  
3 Computer Fund         
  III to VI     161x100x12     193200  
4 Misc Receipt Bank Intt. Etc.     2000  
5 Total     1561074  
6 Expenditure during 2018-19     1940000  
  Balance     -378926  
Balance amount of Rs.378926/- will be received from KVS, Regional Office, Chandigarh.  
Permission for expenditure more than 0.5 lakh by the Principoal is accorded as per annuam on each item of  expenditure of the ceiling prescribed for each item whichever is less 
Balance amount will be spent on any other well planned expenditure not covered above with the approval of the Chairman, VMC/VEC and Deputy Commissioner KVS (CR) Jammu during the year 2018-19  
NOTE :        
Proposed budget has been prepared on the basis of enhanced rate of VVN i.e. @ Rs. 500/- per month and computer fund @ Rs.100/- per month for classes III to VI Consequential increase in VVN and Comp Fund have been taken into account.  Prevailing ceiling have been taken into account.  
    Chairman, VMC